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July 14, 2021

G&H Spirits says: Full marks for teachers!

Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

G&H Spirits says: Full marks for teachers!

Let’s face it, it’s been really tough for everyone recently.  As a working mother of two boys, home schooling was a nightmare.  Talk about multi-tasking!  Any parent that has gone through trying to keep their business afloat, at the same time as ensuring their children also continue with a somewhat fragmented education, understands the tremendous pressure and guilt I’m talking about.

Having said that, I was one of the luckier ones and couldn’t thank the staff at my children’s school enough for all the support, often going above and beyond to keep not only an education available for the children with online lessons, but also first and foremost acknowledging that this is a very difficult time for the children too and their mental well-being should come first.

Therefore, whilst chatting to the Headmistress, she mentioned that the teachers often got together for a G&T on a Friday after a particularly challenging week (and they all have been recently!), I jumped at the chance to show my appreciation in some small way by hosting a G&H Spirits Initial Gin tasting evening.  The evening was a great success for the teachers with much Initial Gin drunk and a gintastic time had by all!

As we move towards the end of term (and hope and pray September will be ‘back to normal’), if you feel too that a teacher has gone above and beyond, take five minutes out to tell them.  I know it would mean the world to them.  Remember, not all heroes wear capes.